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Thank You

I wanna thank you to the people who visit the site your tributes that were written are appreciated. I still think about Jon every day he was a person that will be missed for quite a long time. He was never forgotten.


Site is coming along

Did we say that the site will be done with in 48 hours of the last post well with Christmas and a running around that a family does it not even close to done. but on the good side we are adding even more content as we build the site such as the opening sequence we have placed in our SeaQuest area and better navigation for the site and coming after new years music to go with the Remembrance Music so you can sing to your heart out




We recently made changes to our hosting plan and as a result links on this site broke so now we need to fix the links to the entire site. We should have everything up and running within 48 hours from the time of this post or at least 50% of the site should be up because there are quite a few hundred links to go though.



I made a few modifications, I fixed the affiliate apply form so it works now and I made a basic layout. It’s nothing special. So I hope you like the mood of the theme.


Added a new layout

I finally added a new layout just have to make the header for it.